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About The Lantz Family

Thank you for Visiting our page, we hope you enjoy looking around and find something that interest you.

Just a little about our family, we are a small town family with two kids. My wife home schools our daughter and our son goes to public school for now. We are what you would call Messianic Christians, this means we try to live our lives the way Yeshua (Jesus) did, this means we follow the Ten Commandments. We also Honor the Sabbath Day and partake in the Feast of Yahweh (GOD). We do these activities with our fellowship “Psalm 133 Fellowship“.

On our site you will see we have a few different pages, first A Heart for Healing is a page we will post real life stories about how life can wear you down and how Yahweh can bring you back and lift you higher. One of those ways is with Prayer and that brings up to the second page A Heart for Healing Prayer Line, this page is for anyone that needs Prayer please ask, my wife and her mother have a group of Prayer Warriors that are at the ready to Pray for those in need. 

Our third and fourth pages are both blog pages, the Lantz Family Blog is for us to just share our adventures in life. The other is Lantz Family Recipes Blog, my wife and I both were cooks before we got married and both love to cook with each other. Our best meals are the ones we help each other make. So we thought it would be nice to share some of our Favorite Recipes, but we don’t want to just share ours you can share yours as well, we hope everyone does share. You can upload pictures along with the Recipe. 

We are always looking for other ideas for a web-page so if you have something you would like to see us do let us know on our Contact US page. 

Again thanks for Visiting our website, enjoy!!

May Yahweh Bless you, The Lantz Family.